Laboratory for Calibration of Dosimetric Instruments
The Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics
Polish Academy of Sciences
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Calibration scope

Przykładowe przyrządy dozymetryczne
Water phantom

The range of calibrations realized by the LWPD is listed below. All services are accredited. The formal scope of accreditation (in Polish) may be found here.

  • Calibration of dose rate meters, electronic dosimeters (Cs-137 gamma-rays)

    Dose rate range 1 μGy/h – 1 Gy/h

  • Calibration of surface contamination monitors in terms of surface emission rate per unit area

            – Alpha emitters (Am-241, Pu-239)
            – Beta emitters (Sr-90/Y-90, Cl-36, C-14)

  • Irradiation of passive dosimeters (Cs-137 gamma-rays) in terms of Hp(10), Hp(0.07), Hp(3), H*(10), absorbed dose